SG-1000 Digital Hydrometer

SG-1000 Digital Hydrometer / Specific Gravity Tester is specifically designed to quickly & safely measure the temperature-compensated specific gravity of your batteries. To measure, simply extract a sample in your suction tube and press the “START” button, it’s that easy! The temperature-compensated specific gravity is displayed on the screen. The user can select between the specific gravity reading and temperature reading by pressing “SELECT” button.



  • 99.998% Accuracy
  • 10x faster than conventional methods
  • Measure specific gravity and temperature simultaneously
  • CE compliant
  • Easy to Use
  • Automatic Temperature Compensation
  • Test flooded lead acid & Ni-cad batteries
  • Rugged & Durable
  • 1 Year Warranty
SG-1000 Specifications
Models: SG-1000F or SG-1000C
Detection Method: Optical Refraction
Measuring Speed: 3 Seconds
Measurement Range: Specific Gravity of Electrolyte 1.000 to 1.300 (Resolution: 0.001)
Measurement Accuracy: 99.998% Accurate
Sample Chamber Temperature: 14°F ~ 122°F (-10°C ~ 50°C)
Operating Temperature: 41°F ~ 104°F (5°C ~ 40°C)
Power Source: DC 9V (006P Battery)
Dimension: 8.5″L x 1.7″W x 1.7″D
Weight: 8 oz.
Suction Tube Dimensions: 9.5″L x 1/8″ Diameter




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