Conext Monitor 20

Compact and easy to use remote monitoring solution for residential PV installations

ConextTM Monitor 20 is a compact monitoring and control unit. This data logger allows simple configuration and operation. Connecting the data logger to the internet via Ethernet allows the operating data to be visualized and monitored regardless of location using the web portal. The key data displayed in the web portal includes current and historical energy generation, environmental impact, and system set-up data. With four digital inputs and a power control function, it also meets the grid feed-in management requirements by allowing the connection of a ripple control receiver to the inverter through the data logger. Conext Monitor 20 is suitable for Conext RL and Conext TL series of inverters for PV systems up to 20 kW (not more than three inverters).

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Why choose Conext Monitor 20

Higher return on investment

  • Energy generation charts and regional benchmarking to proactively address PV plant performance issues, if any
  • Meets current grid feed-in management guidelines to avoid any blanket reduction e.g. in Germany


  • Compatible with Conext RL and TL series of inverters
  • Access to PV plant performance regardless of location
  • Both visual and audible alarm available for quick error reporting

Easy to service

  • Provision to backup and to load data logger configuration
  • Easy replacement of data logger without losing any portal data

Easy to install

  • Compact unit that is very easy to mount
  • Configuration software included for installation assistance
  • Simple registration process for web portal

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