Conext Insight

Remote monitoring and asset management platform for distributed PV plants

The ConextTM Insight web portal gives you detailed insight into the performance of your distributed PV plants. You now have the convenience and ease to remotely monitor all your Conext ComBox enabled PV hybrid plants from any Internet connected device—anytime, anywhere.

As an installer, you can always remain connected with your customers and provide value added services. The intuitive dashboard, historical performance charts and events log enable you to have a comprehensive understanding of the performance and health of your PV plant remotely. Notify your customers of upcoming maintenance requirements, make suggestions for system improvements, and make confident decisions, all through Schneider Electric’s new remote monitoring and asset management platform.




Why choose Conext Insight

Higher return on investment

  • Ensure high plant uptime by accessing energy and events log information remotely
  • Reduce energy bills by analyzing energy use and production
  • Extend equipment life by monitoring key operating parameters e.g. battery temperature, generator run time


  • Monitor all of your PV plants’ performance regardless of location
  • Download performance charts in various formats for easy sharing with customers and colleagues

Easy to service

  • Multi-plant dashboard helps to identify your plants that need immediate attention
  • Intuitive plant summary interface to get a quick snapshot of energy flows
  • User friendly charts to gain insights into plant performance
  • Easy to manage site access to various users with different roles

Easy to install

  • Quick configuration of Conext ComBox to connect to remote portal
  • Simple user and site registration steps on the portal


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