Conext Battery Solar Combiner Box

Combine, connect and disconnect Conext inverter/chargers with battery bank

The ConextTM Battery Fuse Combiner Box 250 combines up to three Conext XW+ inverter/chargers with one battery bank using a single battery pole disconnect method and provides fuse protection for cables, batteries and inverter/chargers. Two Battery Fuse Combiner Box 250s can be configured side-by-side to accommodate dual battery pole disconnection requirements. A smaller, more compact Battery Fuse Combiner Box 160 is available for battery side application with Conext MPPT Solar Charge Controllers.


Why choose Battery Fuse Combiner Box

Higher return on investment

  • One low cost device to combine up to three Conext inverter chargers with one battery bank
  • Standardized repeatable and cost effective installation method


  • Single or dual pole battery disconnection for Conext XW and SW inverter chargers
  • Single or dual pole battery disconnection for Conext MPPT Solar Charge Controllers

Easy to service

  • Clear plastic window allows visual no-touch inspection of fuses
  • Access holes for volt meter probes allows for testing without interrupting system
  • Lockout accepts lead seal to guard against unauthorized access

Easy to install

  • Wall-mount or flush-mount
  • Lug nut cable connections

Technical data


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